Employment Case Management Program

The Caritas Employment Case Management Program provides resources for clients facing employment barriers (e.g., history of long-term unemployment, homelessness, deficit of “soft skills,” etc.) to become positioned to successfully obtain a full-time job at a salary level that approximates a living wage. The Employment Intensive Case Manager works with clients to achieve long-term employment by providing critical thinking training and basic interpersonal/communication skills that are essential in a workplace environment.

The Employment Case Management Program provides a comprehensive approach to employment by tailoring to the training needs of each client.

Training resources include:

Employment location assistance
Job readiness
Vocational education and certifications
Financial literacy & budgeting
Interviewing and soft skills
Resume preparation
Referral services

Let's find the career path that you want to take and plan for your future! Please contact Intensive Case Manager, Janie Ramon, at jramon@caritas-waco.org or at 254-752-4593 ext. 226.